Monday, February 25, 2013

Natural Hair Photo Shoot Experience with So Focus Photography

This past week I was finally able to work with Rudolph (P.J.) Tolar Jr. the Founder and Owner of So Focus Photography.  This was only my 2nd professional photo shoot, so I was a bit nervous for a lack of better words.  We did the shoot at Urban Wine Works located in NW Oklahoma City.  This is a nice, laid back chill spot that would be great for a couples date night or even a night out with your girls, sipping some wine and have a good conversation.  To learn more about Urban Wine Works you can check out their website:

Now, I was saying that I was nervous, which I was.  I always get a bit nervous when I am at the center of attention.  I do this at work when I do my presentations and even at church.  But as soon as I speak my first word the calmness comes over and I am "good to go". So, when it came to this shoot after my first picture I was "good to go".  I can say that PJ made me feel at ease and it was so easy working with him. He provided great direction which helped my posing seem more natural in my opinion. 

We were able to get the photos I needed in only a few shots and he was able to play back the pics for me and we narrowed down my selections rather quickly with his high tech equipment and software. He was professional all around. I would definitely, work with PJ again for my upcoming  projects that I have in the works. 

To check out his portfolio and get pricing information go to PJ's website