Monday, February 25, 2013

Simple: Twisted Bun Protective Hairstyle

 A few days ago I announced on IG that I was going to start a Protective Hairstyle Journey/Challenge for myself.  I will try my hardest to stick to this, but I may get off course and do my favorite "twist outs" or even another "flexi-rod set" but for now I am gonna try to hold out (fingers crossed) LOL.  I chose to go on this journey/challenge in order to help retain length and to aid in avoiding split ends

I think everyone has their own thoughts about what protective hairstyling is.  I think it is a way to style your hair with least amount of manipulation as possible while protecting the ends of your hair (meaning your ends are not exposed).  That can be braids, twists, coils, wigs, sew in weaves, or up-do's, just to name a few.  Some people think all of your ends cannot be exposed while others don't seem to mind.  It is all up that naturalista how they interpret Protective Styling.   There are tons of videos on YouTube to give you great protective styling ideas if you need some.  As a matter of fact I just uploaded one last week for your viewing pleasure (haha).  Check it out below.  More vids are to follow. 

Until next time, Take Care and God Bless~

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