Thursday, May 2, 2013

Transitioning Tips!!!

You have decided to Transition back to natural and are not sure what to do next.
Well, here are a few tips I want to share with you that will hopefully be helpful to you while you transition:

Have a Go To or Favorite Hairstyle - Chose a few or at least one hairstyle that you can do that will help blend the two textures of hair with ease.  My favorite styles were the bantu knot-out, flexi-rod set, buns, and twist-outs. Below is a YT video on a couple of hairstyles that are good for transitioners.

Treat your hair like it is All Natural - began treating your hair as if it is completely natural, that means being mindful of the products that you apply to your hair certain things like mineral oil, petroleum, certain sulfates were okay when you were relaxed but could be damaging or drying to your hair as a natural.  Wear more heat-free styles or limit the amount of heat you apply to your hair to avoid damaging your new growth curl pattern. 

Keep Your Hair Moisturized - Your hair is very fragile especially at the "line of demarcation" the place where your natural hair meets your relaxed or damaged hair.  Keeping your hair full of moisture will keep your hair from breaking or snapping at that line. You can use moisturizers, water, and oils to keep that hair from being parch, as well as, doing constant deep conditioner treatments.

Detangle with Ease - Only detangle your hair when it is wet and use a wide tooth comb or even your fingers. There is also the Denman brush and Tangle Teaser available to use as well. Whatever tool you use  make sure you start from the bottom and work your way up and take your time. 

Cut those Ends - Slowly start trimming away those relaxed or damaged ends as you continue to grow your natural hair. Don't be afraid of using the scissors every month to 3 months, whatever works best for you.  Trimming those ends along the way can help make the transition process go a little faster.

I hope these few tips were helpful!  If you have any more tips you want to share leave a comment below. Good Luck!!

Take Care and God Bless!!

Tiffany N. 


  1. Thank you for the tips!! I'm transitioning and I'll deff try this : x

    1. You are welcome and thanks for checking it out. Good Luck on your transition. BTW: I checked out your blog and it is pretty fresh. I started following it via BlogLovin.

  2. This is helpful info! I'm 16 months post relaxer and I don't even know why I'm hanging on to these scraggly ends.

    I've worn wigs for almost a year now and have been doing mini chops along the way. Wigs have given me the perfect protective style to prevent my hair from breaking.

    I am SICK of wearing wigs, but I'm scared to stop because I don't know what I'm going to do with my own hair! I'm getting box braids this weekend but after that I'm DONE with fake hair...

    *sigh* wish me luck. Thanks again!

    1. I am glad this was helpful to you! I was thinking about getting box braids myself. We shall see! LOL! I really hope you like them. I certainly wish you luck with the rest of your transition and with your natural hair journey! Be Blessed!