Friday, August 1, 2014

Feature Friday "SheRea" In the Spotlight!

Hey Everyone,
Today for Feature Friday I have fellow vlogger SheRea DelSol aka MyThriftedCloset sharing her natural hair story with us.  I am so glad she was able to take time out to share with us, so without further let’s get started.
SheRea thanks again for giving us the 411 on that fabulous hair of yours.  I want to start off by letting you introduce yourself.
 Hi, my name is SheRea DelSol. I am the vlogger behind I am from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
Aww…The US Virgin Islands.  My dream vacation spot!! LOL!!  Well, let’s talk about your those tresses of yours. 
How long have you been natural?
To date, I have been natural for almost 3.5 years.
Did you slowly transition back to natural or did you go full force and Big Chop?
I transitioned for five months and then I big chopped. I was tired of struggling (and yes it was a struggle) with maintaining my new growth and relaxed ends.  Also, I just wanted to play in my natural hair. I didn’t have the patience to wait. I just wanted to jump right in.
Girl….I feel you that transition struggle can be oh so real!  I did it for 9 months so I definitely understand.
So once you rid yourself of those relaxed ends,  how did you feel?After going natural, I felt awesome! I had been natural for most of my life, but I still had no idea what my hair was like. I didn’t know or understand the purpose of trimming, deep conditioning, etc. Unlike a lot of naturals, I only had a relaxer for three years of my life, but I did not even know that my hair was curly. Hey, you only know what you know, right?

How did family and friends react to your decision?
No one cared that I was returning to natural. Well, I wouldn’t say no one cared, but people didn’t have strong opinions about it. I never got ANY negative feedback (perhaps people knew better than to throw shade in my face, lol). I mean, people really did not say much. When I big chopped, people were amazed by my curly hair. Everyone seemed to love it. I know that is not an experience that is shared by a lot of naturals but I have been blessed in that way.
Now that you are able to see you have a curl pattern, how would you describe it?
I have fine, kinky curly, medium density, low porosity hair. My hair is curly when wet, and kinky, afro textured when dry without product.
I am sure a lot has changed for you this time around.  What’s your current hair routine? 
I wash my hair whenever I have product build up, want to switch up my style, or my hair needs some TLC. Here are my steps:
1. Deep Condition/Protein Treat-Yes, I deep condition on dry hair. Here’s why: I alternate between a protein treatment and deep conditioner every time I wash my hair. I find this keeps my hair nice and supple.
2. Cowash- I usually stay away from shampoos and only really use them when I feel it is absolutely necessary or I am testing products for a company.
3. Oil Rinse-Oil rinsing has saved my natural hair life. My hair is a lot shinier and suppler. If you want to learn more about oil rinsing and how I oil rinse, you can check out this video:
4. Condition-I add my conditioner directly on top of my oil, finish my shower, and then rinse!
5. Air Dry & Leave In-Because I have low porosity hair, I air dry my hair in two braids for 15 minutes-1 hour then I apply my leave in conditioner of choice to my damp hair (my hair takes FOREVER to actually dry).
6. Style-I usually only use a leave in and styler because I feel like that’s enough to keep my hair moisturized. My favorite styles are the wash n go and curly sets (perm rods, roller sets, etc.) I have tutorials on my Youtube channel ( ) if you’re interested.

What are some of your favorite products?
Well, let me start off by saying that I think technique trumps products, but like other naturals, I love me some products lol!!
I also have reviews on my YT channel on almost everything I am mentioning.
Deep Conditioner- LAWDDDDDDDDDDDD I will SINGGGGG the praises of L.A.C.E. Natural Brahmi Root Hair Masque. HANDS DOWN, it is the best DC I have ever used in my life. Plus, it’s packed with ayurvedic ingredients, which I personally love. GET. YOU. SOME. I also love the Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque.
Protein Treatment- Apoghee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor is the BOMB. Yes, it has mineral oil, but IDC, IDC, IDC. It works for me and leaves my hair stronger and softer. I use their two-step protein treatment every 6-8 weeks to strengthen and fortify my hair.
Co-wash- My favorite cleansing conditioners are VO5 Clarifying Conditioner, as well as As I Am Coconut Co-wash, and Eden Body Works Cleansing Co-wash .They all cleanse Sassy (my hair) without leaving it stripped. I don’t have a favorite shampoo because shampoos are for blah for me, but these cleansing conditioners, hunny, L.I.F.E..
Oil Rinse- My favorite oil is mustard oil. It smells funky but the slip and softness it imparts is divine. It’s a staple!
Rinse Out Conditioner- Tresemme Moisture Rich. That is all, good night. But seriously, this conditioner has amazing slip (best slip ever) and leaves my hair SOOO moisturized.
Leave In Conditioner- What ya’ll know about that jheri curl juice? S Curl “No Drip” Moisturizer is my boo. It is softening and straight up awesome. I never have to re-moisturize my hair when I use it. The moisture lasts 7+ days. The Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk is also another favorite of mine. I love it especially in a cocktail when I am wearing wigs and weaves.
Styler- Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse is the business. It makes my curly sets bouncy and shiny. It will forever be a boo of mine. For my wash n gos, I have to go with my Xtreme Wet Line gel. It gives me lasting results for 4+ days and defines every kink and curl.

Aweseome…that is some great detail for my readers. 

How do you maintain your hair at night?
When I wear a wash n go, I just gather my hair into two ponytails. If you want to see how I preserve the style for SEVEN days, click here: I do the same thing for my curly sets. If I am rocking a twist out or braid out, I will re-twist or re-braid. Sometimes, I add product, sometimes I don’t, it just depends on how my hair feels/looks.
Thanks again SheRea for speaking with me today.  I absolutely loved the depth of information you provided and I greatly enjoyed having you.  Before I let you go, can you tell us what the best thing about being natural is?
Versatility. Oh, and all the dope women I’ve met, including yourself. I love that my hair can do so many things and that I can inspire women to rock their natural hair. I also love the community of which I am a part. I have an online family because of this crazy, rebellious, and awesome thing on my head and that is so dope to me!

Thanks again, SheRea.
To see more of SheRea and MyThriftedCloset you can check her out at the below locations.