Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature Friday - Kris in the Spotlight

Were you a slow transitioner or did you Big Chop & Why? I did the big chop on 12/22/2007 with a pair of scissors that I found in the kitchen. Lol! I tried to transition but the two different textures drove me nuts. Lol!  A week later I went and had my hair faded, when I got out the chair I was a different woman Lol!
How did you feel after going natural? I felt so free. I went and bought a million earrings. Lol!! I loved every minute of it.
How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural? What was your response to them?Every one who knows me knows one day I could have on a Diana Ross wig and the next day a cute pixie cut. I’ve always been the go to girl for all things hair, makeup, fashion, and beauty amongst my family and friends so their shock didn’t last long. LOL!!!
Describe your hair. My hair is more along the lines of 3C – 4A. I have about 4 different textures. My hair thrives off of moisture and loves creamy non drying products. I have fine hair but a lot of it so a lot of people think its thick it’s not I just learned how to work with my hair to create the look I wanted.
What’s your current hair routine? What are your favorite products? Right now my schedule is so hectic so I’m wearing an altered wash & go.  I don’t like my hair to be weighed down so the wake up, wet, and apply gel method doesn’t work for me.  I co-wash in the shower  with the Go Natural Stimulating Deep Co-wash, (that stuff is amazing) apply my Nappy Kinks Kurly Kream Pudding , put 4-6 large twist in my hair,  seal  with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, cover my head with a shower cap and silk bonnet.  In the morning I finger comb my hair while it’s still wet and that’s it that’s all folks.
I deep condition my hair bi-weekly and dust my ends every 6-8 weeks or when needed.  I also do an oil massage on my scalp every other day with the Nappy Kinks Growth Oil.  I often wear twist outs and braids outs using the Nappy Kinks Buttahs and Moisturize with the Nappy Kinks  Fragrant Moisture Mist.
How do you maintain your hair at night? I sleep in a satin bonnet every night.  Every other night I mist my hair with Nappy Kinks Misty Day Moisture Mist and seal with oil.
What’s the best thing about being natural? The versatility and the freedom.  I love to change things up and being natural just fuels the fire. I love the fact that my hair is healthy and I can maintain what goes in my hair by using all natural or organic products.  I truly feel free in the hair and skin I’m in.
I heard you are a professional hairstylist is that true? How did you get into doing hair? Yes I am. I’m a natural hairstylist I work at Go Natural 24/7 which is located at:
4721 SE 29th
Del City, OK

I’ve been doing hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling since I was in high school maybe even middle school. It’s just really been something that I have always been into and a love of mine. I’ve always had a passion to make women feel beautiful and not just on the outside but to know they feel beautiful on the inside is a true passion of mine.

Do you specialize in anything or do you do it all? Weaves, natural hair, relaxers, etc... I specialize in Natural hair and Weaving.  I don’t do anything with chemicals at all.

Where can we find you for hair services? To book an appointment the website is You can also come into Go Natural, the address is 4721 SE 29th Del City, OK. Go Natural is an all natural hair café that has everything you see on YouTube or online right in the store location.

You are definitely an all around business woman and entrepreneur.  What other businesses and services do you provide? I am the creator of Nappy Kinks Natural Hair & Body Care which is an aunatural line that includes hair & body butters, conditioners, body oils, bath oils, etc……  The line is not just for women it’s for men as well. The men’s line includes their own body butters, beard and hair butter, and body oil.  My husband and I created this line and plan to add a children’s line in the near future.  Nappy Kinks is available now. You can also order online at
I'm also a makeup artist and Image Consultant but my main focus at the moment is hair styling I plan to add the other services in the very near future.
I have a few more things up my sleeve but I’m just waiting on God to tell me go on them so I keep those to myself for now. Lol!
Where can people find you on the web? 
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