Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oklahoma's 1st Ever Fashion Week Kickoff @ The Hair Cafe

Some of you may not know that I am from Oklahoma.  That's right OKLAHOMA!!!  Oklahoma is really slow paced and really spread out, but certainly starting to catchup with some of the more fast paced states in the fashion, beauty, and of course the natural hair industry. As a matter of fact, we are currently having our 1st Oklahoma Fashion Week.
Melysha Reed pictured on the right and Desiree' Irving Natural Hair Stylist @ The Hair Cafe 
The official kickoff was held at The Hair Cafe on Monday, April 15.  This event showcased the lovely designs of Melysha Reed and The Beauty Lounge Boutique.  The event was studded with beautiful models that rocked the runway that started in the lovely streets of OKC and ended on the red carpet in the ultra lounge atmosphere of The Hair Cafe. 

The show was amazing!!  The designs that Melysha created were amazing and the models did them justice.  They not only rocked the clothes well, but they were draped in beautiful accessories from head to toe that were from The Beauty Lounge Boutique.  I loved the accessories so much that I purchased a pair of one of a kind earrings for myself!

There were tons of photographers there to capture the show, Rudolph Tolar (PJ) of So Focus Photography and Victor Harris of just to name a couple.  The music was live and the free wine and food were on point as well.  I was certainly glad to be a witness of such a successful event.  Below are pics of my outfit for the event and more pictures of the models and some of The Hair Cafe crew.

Desiree' Irving and Me
Yours Truly!!

 The Hair Cafe is located on 1120 N Walker, Midtown OKC. The owner is David Threat.  Here is the link to their FB page.
The Beauty Lounge Boutique website is
So Focus Photography's website is
Versaphoto's website is

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