Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brandy's Spring Fashion Spot - Spring Edition cont..

Last week, BrandySharay brought you a few spring fashions that are trending right now.  This week is a continuation of more spring fashion trends that are a must have!!

Around the World: bold color, intricate patterns and beading are indicative of the international influence on this season. If you're looking to take your fashion to another level, show off some culture! From a wrap skirt to a head wrap, this is a very fun and easy way to express fashion from around the world. Forever 21 as well as local shops can help show of your cultured side.

Sporty Dresses: think Serena Williams
Tennis dress meets the street. This look is great and easy! Easily worn for an afternoon date or shopping with the girls. It's great because you can throw on a cardigan, denim jacket, casual flats or casual tennis compliments this super easy, super cute look. Lady Footlocker, JCrew are great for this look.

Bermuda Shorts: too easy breezy from spring to summer to fall this look works! Create your own from old slacks or jeans or just stop in your favorite store and see them all over. These shorts can be dressed up or down. Pair with a blazer and heels or with a cute tunic or oversized sheer blouse and sandals and you are ready to make moves! JCrew, American Eagle, The Limited will lead you to these looks.

Flats & Low Heels: perfect for all the walking you will be doing in the warmer weather these are wonderful. Flats are so versatile and easy! They go everywhere with ease! Colors and patterns help spice up even the simplest look. The low heels allows you to still be flirty and sexy without seeming like you are "doing too much." These shoes go with it all! JCrew & Opencloset offer lots of variety.

Statement Sunglasses: last, but certainly not least this is probably the coolest way to rock your way into spring. Take a trip back into the 90s with round frames and the 80s with geometric shapes. Cat eye shaped Ombré and color tinted shades will keep you cool until the fall! Nicole Richey Beyonce & other stars pull off these looks effortlessly. Coco&Breezy and ShopGather offer an array of these styles!

Well I hope I have helped you get on your way to ripping your own runway with some of the hottest spring trends!

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