Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hair Chalk and Eye Shadow Trend on Natural Hair

Hey Guys,

If you are looking for a way to create vivid/bold hair color without the commitment, then you may want to give hair chalking or eye shadowing a try. This technique is definitely the craze right now, because it is an easy and safe way to switch it up and to create a fun look by adding a bit of pizzazz to any hairstyle especially a banging twist out or wash'n'go. 
 This is a trend where you use hair chalk or eye shadow to temporarily color the hair. You can use vibrant eye shadow colors to get temporary color or buy hair chalk with lots of color payoff. The key when using an eye shadow is to purchase a gel eye shadow with a 24-hour wear. Please note that you will have to wash your hair to get rid of the 24-hour wear gel eye shadow, water alone will not do it.
 To achieve color tresses, you simply apply strategically to dry hair. It will take some patience and some creativity, but this is a fun way to change up your look and a safe way to do a trial run. If you love it, you may even decide to get a permanent color!! :-)
 I want to hear your thoughts on this trend!!!
 Would you rock it?  Have you tried it?  What is your favorite hair chalk or shadow to use. 
Let me know below!!!
Also, check out some natural beauties as they switch it up with a bit of temporary color!!!





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Tiffany N.