Friday, May 2, 2014

Feature Friday "Sheena" In the Spotlight

Today, I have the pleasure of having the lovely Sheena on my blog today sharing her natural hair story with us.  To check out her interview below:
Hey Sheena…..Thanks for taking time out of your day to share your natural hair story with us today. 
Can you start by letting everyone know how long you have been natural? I have been natural for 2 1/2yrs                                                    
Did you take the transitioning route or did you jump right on into it with a Big Chop? I skipped the big chop and honestly at times I regret it. I wish I was bold enough to completely cut it off. I transitioned with my hair, I started getting relaxers only 4 times a year after a relaxer broke all my hair off in the back freshman year of high school. That whole year I was natural and I had no clue what to do with my hair so I wore it in this hideous big braid until I found a stylist that introduced me to flat twists. Since I only got relaxers once every few months transitioning wasn't that hard for me. I have been fully natural for about 2 1/2 yrs.

I’m glad you were able to connect with someone that was able to help introduce you into some styling options for your hair.  I know a lot of women who give up because they simply don’t know how to style it and don’t reach out for help or seek it. 
So, how did you feel after you were completely natural? It might sound corny but I did feel sexier. I knew some people wouldn't like it but I didn't really care. I think with natural hair you can manipulate it a lot more than you can do with relaxed hair or weave. I can wear a bush one day the next curls and the day after that an elegant up-do or bun.
 Absolutely….Natural hair is so versatile and allows you to switch it up at the drop of a hat!

You said you felt sexier after going completely natural, I’m interested in knowing how your family and friends reacted with your decision.
My niece did the big chop before I decided on transitioning so to my family it wasn't a big deal.
That is awesome….I know so many women who receive backlash from close family and friends. I’m glad you didn’t have to experience any of that.   

How would you describe your hair? My hair has different textures. My hair is thick and curly/wavy. If I had to grade it I would say it is 3A across ear to ear then 3B+C in the back.        

How do you care for your hair? What is your current hair routine? My summer routine is Co-washing with Ogx Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Conditioner I love love love it. I use my Denmen brush to detangle then cold rinse most of the conditioner out. Next whatever oil I have on hand either olive or coconut oil and work it in my hair. I use Herbal Essence Totally Twisted line Curl Define and Hold Crème. To top it off sometimes if its really humid I will spray Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Hair-Tousling Spray Gel, spray some oil sheen, scrunch and go. I've tried eco styler in my routine and every time it came out terrible. I only use it if I'm rocking a bun. If I have a style I am going for than I co-wash using either Ogx listed above or Garnier Sleek and Shine conditioner, my favorite moisturizer is Camille Rose- Almond Jai twisting butter. I cant tell you enough how I love this as a moisturizer. Definitely has become a staple for me.

What are some of your favorite products? Ogx Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Conditioner is a must have for me either I co wash or I use this as a deep conditioner. Recipe (3 tablespoons of conditioner, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1teaspoon each of olive oil and coconut oil. Heat in microwave for 10 sec, mix then apply to hair) I leave this on anywhere from 30mins to an hour, you will definitely feel the difference in your hair. Garnier Fructis- Sleek and Shine Conditioner and leave in conditioner. I have to have my denmen brush for me it works better if I co wash in the shower then comb from the bottom up then rinse out my conditioner. My favorite moisturizer is Camille Rose's Twisting Butter.

 Awesome and Thanks for the Deep Conditioner Recipe….ladies that was an extra bonus! Lol!!!
So, how do you maintain your hair at night? The pineapple does not work for me :( I twist my hair in 4 or 5 big twist and put on my bonnet. Nighty-night.

Lol!!! Well….Thank you again Sheena for taking time out of your day to share your hair journey information with us.  I thoroughly enjoyed having you and I am sure the ladies gained something from your story.  In closing, can you tell us what the best thing about being natural is to you?
Pure freedom, I love the variety that I can achieve with my hair. This summer I want to shave one side, not full Cassidy but shave it to the ear. 

I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 
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Take Care and God Bless!!!
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