Friday, August 9, 2013

Feature Friday - Jai in the Spotlight

This week I have a couple of natural haired beauties sharing their hair story and hair regimen.
First up will be Jai.  Jai I am glad you took time out to share a little information about your natural hair journey.  Can you start off by telling us a little bit about who you are?

Hello, my name is Jai. I am 29 years old and I currently reside in Orlando, FL. I was born and raised in New York, NY. I have a degree in Medical Specialization and Certified Medical Billing and coding. I’m working outside my field of study as a personal banker. I am wife and mom to the two special men in my life. God is my best friend. He reminds me each day how much I need him and where I would be if I didn’t have his mercy & grace.

Alright now…you know God is my best friend too and His Grace is sufficient enough for me. 

Okay now getting back to your natural hair.  Can you let us know if you did the big chop or if you took the slow route and transitioned. 

I decided to go natural back in April 2005 when I did my big chop. I had 1 inch of hair all over my head and had already stopped relaxing my hair. I actually did it on my 21st birthday. I told my best friend at the time I was wanted to try something new being I had always had long hair. Once I did it I hated how I looked with short hair it wasn't until it started growing in, I started to embrace my short hair. I wore sew-ins in the beginning to cover it up until it got to my ear length where I could style it. I stopped relaxing my hair because once I seen I didn't need it and I can get the same look that a flat iron or a blow out can made give me, I was like what’s the point?! Seeing my natural curls again made me super excited. I knew I would never perm again.
How did you feel after going natural?
At first I'm not going to lie it took getting used to seeing myself with less hair and seeing my curls but once I truly saw a difference in my hair health wise is when I was in love! I love the versatile look you can get with natural.

Yes, you are right, natural hair is very versatile. I have to ask, once you went natural what was your family and friends reaction to your decision?  

When my family seen I was not relaxing my hair they were happy. In fact I remember my mom saying to me you didn't need any perm so she never understood why I did it in the first place. My sister was already natural she encouraged me to stay natural.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is between a 3a/3b. Wet my hair has tight curls on one side and the opposite side its looser curls. I would say my hair level of coarseness is a medium.

What’s your current hair routine and what are your favorite products?
I like to wash my hair every week or every other week depending on what style I’m rocking. I use Shea Moisturizer Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner to lock in moisture when using my Bantu knot outs and twist outs, if needed I use Castro oil. My shampoo and conditioner I use right now is Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Ultra Shea. When my hair is straight I use an Anti Frizz Heat Protector by Shine, blow dry hair on a low setting and flat iron it. If I was to use heat I only put it on once and rock it like that for a good two and a half weeks by wrapping my hair at night to preserve. My favorite products right now are Shea Moisturizer Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Catwalk Curls Amplifier, Ecostyler gel, and Castro oil.

Girl…I don’t know how you go 2.5 weeks with your hair flat-ironed.  I try to stretch mine out, but I get so restless and want my curls back after 1 week.  LOL!!

Well, how do you maintain your hair at night?
At night if I'm wear my Bantu knot out I always redo it at night to keep a fresh look so I usually use my spray bottle and Cantu leave in conditioner and Ecostyler Gel to re-knot. That goes for my twist outs too. When my hair is straight I never put more heat, I just wrap my hair in a dubie (wrap) and I sleep in a satin bonnet.
Sounds easy enough!!! Before you go what would you say is the best thing about being natural?
Knowing who you are at your natural state and truly loving yourself no matter what anyone has to say about it. I love me just the way God made me with all my lovely curls. That makes being a natural simply the best!

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