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How To Straighten Natural Hair | The Mane Choice

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I don't know about you, but when I straighten my natural hair I can't seem to get it as silky and straight as a hair stylist or blow out specialist would if I was to hand over that $150. LOL!  You guys know I am all about DIY Hairstyles, so when I tried my hand at flat ironing my own natural hair in the past, it just doesn't seem to flow and definitely doesn't have the lasting power to withstand humidity or a straightened naturals most feared nightmare "The Rain"!!! 

Well....I hadn't straightened my hair myself in over a year, so I was thinking it was about time and was recently able to collaborate with and try out their do it yourself/at home 5 Step Thermal Defense Silkening Collection. I must say that I was honestly impressed with how well my hair straightened with only (1) pass of the flatiron, but I ended up doing (2) and I was excited that my hair didn't start reverting back as soon as I finished.  The collection is full of products that are designed and formulated to help prevent premature reversion of natural hair and helps to maintain the sleek look for longer without achieving damage *if used properly and used with the correct amount of heat was used for your hair*

This is certainly not a hair straightening system as it doesn't promise to elongate your natural hair after use and nor does it permanently straighten natural hair, but it is a collection that will help you achieve maximum results should you chose to flatiron your natural hair.  This collection in conjunction with the Give It To Me Straight Collection and the Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask are a win win combination. The results speak for themselves!!!!


  • Give It To Me Straight Moisturizing Shampoo is infused with Morrocan Argan Oil for incredible shine and frizz control and citric acid to remove build-up and restore pH balance to hair and scalp. This shampoo is safe for all hair types including color-treated hair, it lathers up easily with just a small amount, and it smells really nice and fresh.

  • Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask is packed with nourishing, healthy hair necessities like organic aloe juice, castor oil, sunflower oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein for strength, broccoli seed oil, which is great for frizz-control, coconut oil, green tea extract for protection and carrot seed oil, to treat the scalp, prevent breakage and protect from outside elements. It also has great slip allowing the product to coat the hair and detangle with ease.

  • Give It To Me Straight Leave-In Detangler is a lightweight mist infused with chamomile matricaria and aloe leaf juice for ultimate hydration, wheat amino acids for strength, sage extract to reduce shedding and enhance natural luster, and many other key ingredients that help keep the hair
  • moisturized and easy to detangle.
    According to this is "A complete collection of thermal styling products, especially formulated to help shield your hair from heat appliances so you can enjoy your styles with confidence. Do not let the pretty in pink packaging fool you. This thermal defense silkening collection has a professional grade quality and packs a lot of power. No more than a dime size per product is needed to thermally protect your hair and give it that sleek professional salon finish we all long for."
    The Steps Include The Following:
    Step 1 - The Heat Silencer is formulated to strengthen hair, protect hair from heat applications, and repair damage.
    Step 2 - Glisten To Me is formulated to protect hair from heat styling, smooth hair for ultimate shine,
     temporarily straighten the hair, and repeal humidity.
    Step 3 - Strand By Strand is formulated to, straighten & smooth strands, helps silken & glide while blow-drying, and helps reduce frizz.
    Step 4 - A Silky Protection is formulated to add a silky brilliant shine, control frizz, mend frayed & frizzy ends, and provide extreme heat protection.
    Step 5 - Let's Finish It is formulated to smooth frizz & flyaways, add an instant shine, and Finish your sleek & luscious look.  It also leaves your hair smelling amazing!!!

    Hair Tools Used:
    3-4 Hair Clips
    Denman Brush
    Gold'n'Hot Blow Dryer
    Chase Comb

    Hairstyle Maintenance:
    Wrap the hair up at night with a satin or silk scarf.  You could also add large rollers or flexirods to the hair and sleep with a satin bonnet for heatless curls.


    Until Next Time,
    Take Care and God Bless!!!

    Tiffany Nichols
    Tiffany Nichols Design
    Uplifting, Educating, and Promoting the Beauty of Natural Hair

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