Friday, August 2, 2013

Feature Friday - Sikethia in the Spotlight

Today for Feature Friday, I have the oh so beautiful naturalista and fashionista, Sikethia sharing her natural hair information and showing off some of her lovely fashions, some of which she designed herself.  So keep reading to check out the interview.

Sikethia, thank you for taking time out to share with us today.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a naturalista, a new bride, and I am also a fashionista!

Photo Courtesy of Jenni Woods Photography

Yes ma' are definitely a fashionista. I understand you actually have a fashion brand called StylishKi.  Can you elaborate on that?
In my busy schedule I am squeezing in a few projects at the moment. StylishKi is my brand. I am a fashion stylist/blogger. I have been putting together a few sample pieces I have custom made. I have recently plan started up an Instagram page where I will start to sell my custom made pieces. It is @Stylki00

I can't wait!! I have seen a few of your pieces and love them!! Way to go girl!!

Now you know I have to ask you about your gorgeous natural hair. Yeah...I am nosey like that! LOL

When you decided to return back to natural did you transition or did you go straight to the big chop?
I was a slow transitioner when I wanted to become natural. Didn't feel comfortable doing the big chop.

I can definitely understand that.  Well, can you share with us what your hair routine is in order to maintain healthy hair?
My routine currently is: a little bit of Jamaican black castor oil, Cantu shea butter leave in and tea tree oil. I hardly use shampoo so I only wash my hair with Tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner. For my twist outs and braid outs I have been trying natural silk elements curl defining pudding.
I certainly use a few of those products.  Do you happen to have a favorite product?
I don't have a favorite product just yet. I'm some what of a product junky lol!! 
Girl....Do we need to have your husband send you to PJ Rehab?  LOL...just kidding.  I think we have all been a PJ at some point in our natural hair journey.  That is totally normal. 

How do you take care of your hair at night?
Maintaining at night I spritz with water, apply Cantu shea butter and seal with tea tree oil. Cover with satin cap.
Sounds easy enough. In closing, what would you say is the best thing about being natural?
Best thing about being natural is that its so versatile. If you try a new style and it doesn't work out, you can just wet it, pull it up into a bun, gel it down and go on about your business. Lol!
Thank you so much Sikethia!! It was a pleasure hearing more about your natural hair and upcoming entrepreneur endeavors.  I wish you best of luck and Congrats again on your recent wedding!!!
For more information on Sikethia and StylishKi, you can click the links below.
Instagram: @stylishki and @styli00
Twitter: @stylishki