Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sit With Us | Check out my Interview

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Recently, I was a special guest on the podcast show "Sit With Us" hosted by Kimberly Chapman and Shauntia Triplett. If you haven't heard of this extremely entertaining show, Sit With Us is a podcast dedicated to addressing current social issues, pop culture, and any other topics that tickle their fancy.

And these ladies do just that!  They address current events and issues such as Khloe and Lamar, Black Lives Matter, Halloween and more all while having a classy yet comedic take on it. I love their chemistry and definitely look forward to what the future has for them.

Well...this week I was able to chat it up with these ladies and we discussed everything from building my brand, natural hair, my recent trip to Botswana, Africa, and much more. Check out my interview with these ladies by clicking the link below.  Share it with your friends and come back and let me know what you think.
Episode 24: Black Face Bums

For more information about Sit With Us, check them out at the following locations and be sure to catch new episodes every week:
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