Friday, August 23, 2013

Feature Friday- Dina in the Spotlight

This week on my blog I have the beautiful Dina sharing her natural hair story and regimen.  I discovered this natural beauty on IG and I am so glad she took time out to share with us today.
Let's get right into it.....Dina tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a 28 year old girl who works as an import and export assistant in a big company. I live in Paris but I come from Africa, as you might guess I'm mixed my dad was Italian and my mum is Camerounese. I am so proud of both parts of me. I'm crazy about visiting the world and blessed to have the chance to travel a lot.  I have been to Gabon , Cameroon, Tunisia, Marocco, Thailand, Italia, Germany, Spain, England, NYC.... 
What I also love in life is music. I can't not go on a day without hearing some good soul, old school and lots of Caribbean music. I like reading, dancing, and all the reviews that matter with natural hair because yes this is also an addiction!
I consider myself as a very simple girl who love life and respects people, I trust and fear god at the same time, trying to not judge the human being and thinks that every happen for some reason... 

Sounds like you are we well traveled woman and you seem pretty laid back....I like that!

So let's talk about your beautiful tresses.  When you decided to go back natural did you do the big chop or did you transition?
I actually went directly to a big chop because the first time I decided to cut my hair 6 years ago I did a transition because I was not prepared to have short hair after having long hair.  I didn’t like it at all, I wasn’t used of my head and it felt so bad inside cause I didn’t accept this transition
So that’s why the second time I wanted to go back natural I did the big chop and you know  what,  I just love it, I felt so free!

Being natural is definitely liberating.

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural?
My family was so chocked, they all were like why have you done that you had so much long and beautiful hair, you are crazy cause you don’t know if they will grow back that long, your mixed girl , not white
And my answer was I did not cut my hair for fun I needed it, I was really fed up of relaxing them and damaging them and as a mixed girl mostly proud of her African origin I needed that change in my life and guess what,  natural hair completes that part of me who was missing and I don’t regret it at all.

I am so glad you stuck with it and didn’t go back.  I know a lot of women to give in to the relaxer because not everyone is onboard with their decision to go back natural. Way to do you !!!
So Dina, how would you describe your hair ?
My hair are kind of weird …LOL ! I got three different types of hair.
At the back, my hair is long, perfectly curly, and smooth.
In the middle, my hair is so kinky, hardly curls or never curls…LOL!
In the front, I have a mix of both not kinky and not completely soft.
I guess it just a mixed of both…Lol !

It’s so funny how we have so many different textures, curls patterns, etc…in our heads.  I guess that is what makes us unique. 
Can you share with us what your current hair routine is?
I really don’t have a special hair routine, I am doing a wash and go every 5 days, and when I am tired of them I doing protective style, braids, Senegalese twist, twist out,  flat twist or just a bun.
 That really sounds easy-breezy !! Well do you have any favorite products?
I often use a brand called Dop for curly and kinky hair, I have the shampoo and the conditioner that I used for the wash and go. I also used the Tangle Taming Conditioner from Beautiful Textures.
For deep conditioner I use the VITALI hair mayonnaise and I add some extra virgin oil and rinse it out with cider vinegar, and for beautify curls pattern and hydration I use the Shea Moisture brand, the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, the Coconut and Hibiscus Curls Styles and the Moisture Mist too. And yes a lot of shea butter from Organics
I can definitely get down with the Shea Moisture line, as well as, Beautiful Textures.  Their products are affordable and can be found locally at Target or Sally’s Beauty. 
After a full day of ripping and running and now you are getting ready for bed, what is your night routine.
I just bun my hair in an high pineapple and sometimes I add the satin bonnet
I want to thank you Dina for taking time out to share with us today.  I love to hear from other naturals and find out their hair routine and find out how their journey was going back to natural. 
In closing, what would you like to tell my readers is the best thing about being natural ?
Being natural gives me life I swear, I feel more confident, and I just love my fro, I take care of my hair more than when I used to straighten it.
Sounds great….to see more pic of  Dina and her beautiful tresses check her out on Instagram.  The link is listed below
Instagram:  @DEEDEELOV (