Tuesday, May 14, 2013

**The Curly Fro**

 I have seen several beauties rocking the "Curly Fro" hairstyle on Instagram and have watched several YouTube videos on the style. I think this style is right on time for Spring/Summer.  It is a cute, flirty way to style your hair that should give you a break from styling for a few days. I can definitely see this style being worn while you are having a ladies night out, strolling along on the beach with your man, going to a wedding, or simply strutting up into the work place.

There were several different techniques that are used to achieve this head full of bouncy and voluminous hair. The good thing about this style is you don't have to have thick hair for the style to look right nor do you have to have long hair.  It is also a perfect way to style during your transition.  The style takes minimum product.  Some moisturizer, oil, and maybe some gel will do the trick.  Simply add more oil such as coconut or jojoba oil to add some shine.
 I want to share my first experience with the "Curly Fro" with you.  I actually captured it on camera and made a YouTube video on it. 
The style lasted about 3 days which was long enough for me.  If you don't know I can get really bored with my hair and change it up real quick! LOL.  To maintain the style I redid the flat-twists with bantu knot-out the first night and then the second night I did the pineapple method. 
2nd Day Hair
3rd Day Hair
Me and Desiree' Irving a Natural Hair Stylist at The Hair Cafe in OKC, OK 

Photo by: PJ Tolar of So Focus Photography

Please check out my video below along with a few others I found on YouTube with slightly different techniques.

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