Monday, April 1, 2013

My adventures with Creta Girl "My New Boo"

So, I bet you are wondering who or what is Creta Girl. Well, like I said in the title she is "My New Boo", she is curly, bouncy, soft to the touch, full, and just plain old cute.  You can take her off and put her on and you can be very versatile with her. Any guesses??? If you guessed a wig you are right. Lmbo!!! Yes...Creta Girl is a wig and if you are into wigs or looking for a cute protective style she is a must have. I know you may be thinking "a wig, what are you doing with a wig" Well, I was thinking the same thing.  But, wigs are not only for those that have lost their hair or have thinning hair, nor are they for only granny's, or those playing dress up, or for halloween; but wigs are a great way to give your hair a break for a few days and they are also a good way to protective style. 

Now, I myself have not worn a wig since 2011.  When I did my bc (big chop) I wore a few wigs and weaves until I felt more comfortable with my hair length.  I was not the one for a short TWA!! I really haven't even thought about wigs since that time.  But one day, one of my favorite IGers posted a beautiful pic of her rocking "Creta Girl" and it was on.  I just had to have her.  So, after deliberating for a few days I went ahead and decided to make the purchase.  I ordered Creta Girl (a full wig) off of She is made by FreeTress and I purchased her in a color 1B for $18.49.  I ordered her on a Sunday and she arrived on a Wednesday with standard usps shipping, which cost about $4-6.

I decided I would wear her on that Saturday for a friends birthday celebration.  When I took her out of the package she was very soft and had tons of springy, bouncy curls and had a natural look.  I put her on and discovered she was rather long for my taste, so I decided to chop her up a bit. I took off 4-5 inches, now she was perfect.  I watched tons of YouTube videos of different reviews and styling options on this wig in order to figure out how I wanted to style her.  I ended up just leaving a little bit of hair out along my hairline in the front to blend with the wig.  My hair in the front is similar to this wig texture, so it was easy to blend. Others have done twists, flat-twists, and even a braid-out to blend the texture of their hair with the wig.

Since that Saturday, I have worn her a total of  4 more times. She has gotten a lot fuller/bigger, which is fine with me.  The bigger the better in my opinion.  She has also gotten a little tangly along the back of the hair where it touches my neck.  I do not recommend brushing or combing this hair as it is synthetic and could matte up easily.  When I see some tangles, I just simply cut them out. Overall, I have no complaints about this wig.  She is very affordable and too cute to pass up.  If you are into full, big hair she is definitely the one for you.  I will definitely be buying another one soon to keep in my stash.

Here are a few more pics of me wearing Creta Girl, also below are a few YouTube videos I found about this wig as well.  Leave me a comment if you have Creta Girl and what your thoughts are on her.


*Please Note* This wig was purchased with my own money and the post on this wig is just me sharing my thoughts with you.

Take Care~ God Bless!
Tiffany N.