Friday, July 11, 2014

Feature Friday "Tiffany" In The Spotlight

Hey Everyone,
Today for Feature Friday, I have blogger and natural hair model Tiffany Nichole sharing her natural hair story with us.  I am glad she had was able to take time out to talk about her natural hair journey, so without further ado, let's get started.
Hi Tiffany, Thank again for taking time out to share with us today.  I don't want to keep everyone waiting to let's go ahead and start with a little introduction. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Tiffany Nichole. I am thirty (something) and I live in Virginia. During the week I am a Registered Nurse and full time Mommy. I love GOD.  I love being a church girl and dancing for Jesus is my praise and worship!  I am the owner of My website targets Health, Fitness, Spiritual Growth, Testimonies & Motivational Quotes.  I am also a natural hair ambassador for Alikay Naturals (founded by Rochelle Graham), a blogger for Return of the Curls, and natural hair model. amazes me how we are able to balance all of our responsibilities and still do things we love.  Way to go! 

Well, I want to start by talking about how long you have been natural.
I have been natural for 5 plus years.  I really had no interest in going natural.  It kind of just happened.  Relaxers made my hair paper thin but I thought it was the thing to do.  By the time I started loving my roller set it was time for regular scheduled routine at the salon.  So the day I decided to color my hair was the last day of the creamy crack (lol). A year and a half ago I decided to do something big….I cut my shoulder length hair off.  I continued to make weekly visits to the salon for a wash, blow dry, flat iron, and hair cut/trim to maintain my short hair.   August 2012 was my last scheduled cut/trim and the last flat iron.  I wanted to enjoy summer vacation with my daughter and family without worrying about getting my hair wet.  The rest is history… I rock my fro proudly and it is the best!

And I absolutely love your fro!!!  It sounds like you were a transitioner, am I right? 
As my relaxer grew out, I kept up with routine trims.  After bleaching my short hair, I attempted to grow my hair out.  During that phase of my journey I realized my hair had been damaged it was time to snip snip snip!  It was really a nuisance trying to take care of two textures of hair (tight coils vs straight pieces). The two textures were a deal breaker. Chop chop chop...that moment changed my natural hair experience.
So, how did you feel after chopping your hair all off?
Initially I was nervous, scared, a gamete of emotions.  My biggest fear was the unknown (not knowing how to care for my hair in its natural state).  I was concerned about the texture and what products to use, and there was a nagging feeling that rested in the bottom of my stomach of uncertainty and insecurity.  To overcome these challenges I had to reclaim and rediscover me.  I had to peel back the layers of brokenness because what I felt was deeper than my hair.  My journey has been a process of prayer, refocusing, finding and getting reacquainted with and recognizing the girl in the mirror.  My natural hair journey has taught me so much about myself, about people, and perspectives.  Today my confidence speaks volumes and I love love love my tightly coiled kinky textured hair. better preach.  I firmly believe that to most women going natural isn't just about your hair, but it "YOU" as a whole.  Your mind, body, soul, & spirit.  It does help you get reacquainted and rediscover who you are as you embark on your natural hair journey. 
It sounds like you were a bit uncertain and dealt with  bit of insecurity (which is common) Tell us how your friends and family reacted to your decision to return back to natural?
For the longest time my family and friends were unaware of my hair status.  Most just assumed I had a relaxer because my roller sets were flawless (thanks to my stylist).  I would say the responses I received were 50/50.  Half loved my afro and because they love me they loved my fro.  Others were iffy and just had a hard time embracing my change.
How would you describe your hair? My hair is fine, curly, and tightly coiled.  If I had to guess my texture I would say I am a 3c/4a.  My favorite styles and absolute favorite are twist outs, coil out, and wash-n-go’s

Do you mind sharing your current hair routine with us?
I try to keep my regimen simple.  I deep condition and shampoo weekly followed by the LOC method.  My styles of choice are twist outs, coil outs, mohawk / frohawk, or afro.  My focus is healthy hair and a healthy scalp.  When my hair is really dry and needs a little extra TLC I  pre poo overnight with coconut oil overnight and sleep in a plastic cap plus bonnet.

Sounds pretty simple enough. What are some of your favorite products?
My absolute favorite natural hair products are made by TreeNaturals. These products changed my natural hair experience. I was introduced to her line of products 12/2013 and I have continued to use them consistently. My hair is healthier, stronger, and growing.

My favorite TreeNaturals products:
Bamboo, Aloe, & Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo – moister, moister, moister
Green Tea & Coconut Conditioner Bar – great for DETANGLING
Rice Flower & Shea Leave-in – I use it as a leave in and styler
Natasha’s Growth Butter – perfect for sealing the ends of my twist, coils, etc...
A months ago I was introduced to AlikayNaturals and I fell in love. 
Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo – moisturizing (alternate with my other fav. #treenaturals)
Lemongrass Leave-in condition - for me works best as a curl refresher and the L when using the LOC method. 
Honey and Sage Deep Condition – anything with honey is absolutely amazing
…. I look forward to trying more of these amazing hair products!
No more product junkie!
So, how do you maintain your hair nightly?

My night time routine consists of the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream), re-twist, and I sleep in a satin bonnet. When wearing my two strand twist pined up I remove hair pins at night, I spray my hair with a leave in conditioner or refresher spray, apply a small amount of oil to hair and massage scalp, follow up with a leave-in conditioner and cover with a plastic cap and bonnet.

It was such a pleasure having you on my blog today.  I am glad you were so open to discuss your natural hair journey and regimen with us. 
In closing, what would you say is the "Best Thing" about being natural?Everything!  I stepped into my true self as a natural.  I begin to truly embrace who I am, my culture, heritage, and creativity because who I am is Enough.  My natural hair journey has taught me so much about myself and people.  My confidence speaks volumes and I love love love my tightly coily kinky textured hair.  Every day is a new hair experience.  Over the past 8 months I have mastered my favorite styles and they never look the same way twice. 
Excellent....Thanks again Tiffany!
If you want to see more of Tiffany, please check her out at the following locations:
Twitter: @MsTiffyNdotcom , @tiffynicholeFAN, @mstiffynichole
 Until Next Time,
Take Care & God Bless!!
Tiffany Nichols