Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Product Review: Creme of Natural with Argan Oil from Morocco

Hello Everyone....Today I am bringing you a product review on a couple of products from the new and highly talked about product line from Crème of Nature.  It is the Crème of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco line.

Now, before I get started  I want to first say that I purchased these items myself from my local bss (beauty supply store) this past week and I was not asked to do this review.  I simply wanted to try out the shampoo and conditioner from this line and I am here to give you my thoughts on them. that I got that out of the way let's begin.

I have seen a few YouTube videos and have read a few natural hair blogs about this product, so I decided to give it a try.  I had been eyeing it for a few weeks and this past week I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. I bought the Sulfate-Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo and the Intensive Conditioning Treatment. 

It was actually wash day for me so it was bought just in time to try.  I got home and prepped the hair for washing and started my process.  The smell of the shampoo is pretty typical for a shampoo.  It wasn't a bad smell, but it didn't smell like bath and body works either.  The consistency of the shampoo was pretty typical as well it wasn't too thick and it wasn't super runny.  I was really hoping that the shampoo would hold true to the name, I was hoping it was going to provide Moisture and Shine as well as Hydrate and Detangle.  Man.....this shampoo made my hair super hard and dry feeling.  Immediately when I applied it to my hair I felt my hair dry up and become brittle.  This went all WRONG!! I immediately rinsed it out of my hair and applied my normal co-wash conditioner to try to restore some of the moisture I just lost. 

I didn't want to NOT try the conditioner out since I did pay for it, so I reluctantly applied the Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment to my head and I applied a plastic cap over my head and set under the hair dry for 15 mins.  This product says that it strengthens, imparts moisture, and prevents hair breakage. When applying the product my hair did feel moisturized and it was easy to finger detangle.  I loved the way this product smelled and I was really feeling good about this product and was anxious to find out how my hair would feel after rinsing it out.

No need to leave you in suspense.....after rinsing that product out of my hair, my hair felt like dry wheat. It did the complete opposite of what it says it does. In case you were wondering, I did another co-wash with Herbal Essence Herbal Hydration and applied my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in to restore my hair.  I just couldn't believe how hard and rough my hair felt after trying these two products.  I really had such high hopes for this product.  Oh well, I will stick to what I know and hold on to my money next time.

This review is not to deter you from purchasing the product. There are many ladies on YouTube and on Blogs that swear by this stuff, so it may very well work great for you and your hair.  I just wanted to share my experience with it and give you another perspective on it.

I hope this was helpful.

Until Next Time,

Take Care and God Bless!!!


  1. It is sooo weird how different hair types react to different products. This very same shampoo makes my hair feel like butter. For the first time i can actually detangle my hair while their is shampoo in it. lol.. natural hair porblems

    1. Yeah it is weird. I have a family member with hair similar to mine and it works wonders on her hair. #TheStruggle. LOL

  2. This shampoo & conditioner left my hair feeling dry and hard as well. I gave it to my boys to use up.

  3. Thanks for sharing Argan Oil review. I love it, Somehow when it comes to haircare I don't think anything beats good old hair oil. And my herbal essence! Organic Argan Oil

    1. Thanks for checking it out. I have since tried it a few more times and it still isn't working to great on my hair. Yes, oil and I love herbal essence!!

  4. I LOVE Argan Oil and I use it every night. I used to use her Argan Oil with SPF during the day, but I think it's discontinued now. It was my favorite! skin moisturizer