Monday, September 2, 2013

Tori's Take on Embracing Yourself

Hi world my name is Tori Wallace. I am married to a handsome man that pushes me to be the best I can be and three beautiful kids that continue to teach me about the beauty of this thing called life.  I consider myself to be a social butterfly, I have a love for dancing, and think that I am a psychologist* I’m convinced it’s my calling...LOL.*

Over that past few years, I have been really working on understanding me and what really makes me happy.  As a wife and mother I have found myself getting wrapped up in my roles that I would forget about me.  Word of advice always make time for you.  If you don’t fully understand who you are nobody else will.  Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to impress people that we don’t care about and for what?  As a woman I feel like there is always something that can be corrected or done. I can point out so many things that I feel is ugly and someone else view it as perfection.  


One small portion to the way you feel as an individual is your hair in my opinion. I feel
that your hair represent a lot about who you are.  I have always tried to make sure my hair looks decent. Experimenting with different hair styles is my thing. After having my second son I decided that flat irons weren’t cutting it for me anymore. One day I walked in the shop and cut my hair into what I like to call my Nia Long do.  Heck that’s when I really understood it’s just HAIR. Why not? YOLO. 

It’s about how you embrace the change.   I began my natural hair process in July of 2012. It took me awhile to come around to this movement. I often worried about how I would be perceived in my work environment and felt that being natural was too much maintenance. I grew this curiosity about my hair texture as a child. I was obsessed with fully understanding my original texture. I mean I questioned being natural so much I was having dreams about it. That ish was getting Cray...LOL. I felt like my hair was holding me back from simple things like going swimming with my kids, working out *ladies with a perm sweating is not the business*, and wanting my hair to be perfection until it was time to get it done again. Yes, every two weeks was a definite must with having a perm.   In January of this year, I had enough of the crazy textures.  I was literally sitting at my desk, found some office scissors and started to chop.  Feeling free to do something like that in the workplace was rewarding within itself.  Although I was looking around wondering if anybody saw what I just did. Hahahaha. I was so caught up in thinking how my colleagues were going to perceive me.  After the chop to be honest there were days when I felt like everyone and their momma was looking me.  Being natural is so rewarding in my eyes. When you are fully comfortable in your own skin you can literally rock anything.  Not only is this a change far as my hair, but the way I live.  I feel healthier in all areas of life. Life is amazing and we have to remember that we are too.  At the end of the day it’s just hair right?????

Tori, thanks for sharing your Journey to Embracing yourself with use today!  I know many woman deal with this issue daily because we see the images of what society calls beautiful and many strive to look just like that.  We definitely have to accept and embrace ourselves the way God made us.  We are each one of a kind and are beautifully made, natural hair and all!!

Until Next Time...

Take Care and God Bless!!!