Wednesday, August 14, 2013

High Buns and Natural Hair

I have seems tons of pics of beautiful women rocking high buns floating around on social media and I am definitely feeling the different variations. 
High buns have definitely become one of my favorite go-to-hairstyles this summer.  They are quick to do and can be easily dressed up for a more elegant look or dressed down for a more casual/chic look.

For those days when you didn't re-twist your hair or you missed your wash day you can easily do this style and no one would ever know. It has also been a great way to combat the humidity and keep your hair out of the way and off your neck during these hot summer days.  It is also a good way to protective style as long as you don't have the ponytail pulled too tight and as long as you have your hair well moisturized while in the bun.  Water + Moisturizer + Oil =Well Moisturized Hair!!!

I have seen it down on straightened hair, old twist-outs, old braid-outs, and wash'n'go hair.  It is just the cutest thing ever!!! Now you know I am being a bit over the top, but it is a very cute hairstyle.

Check out a few pics of beautiful women I have seen wearing their high-buns.  Also, click the video below to check out how I do mine.

Until Next Time,

Take Care and God Bless!!!

Tiffany N.