Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Hair Care Love Detox Mud Mask - Product Review


Today, I am bringing you this way over due product review courtesy of My Hair Care Love.  I was contacted by the owner of My Hair Care Love, Patricia Gaspard, to do a product review of their Detox Mud Mask.

I must admit I was a bit hesitant because I had never used a mud mask in my hair before.  But, after reviewing her website www.myhaircarelove.com and searching the web for other reviews, I agreed to try it out. 

I received the product within a few days and decided to try it that following weekend.  I actually used the product a few times before giving this review.  I wanted to give the product a chance before I gave my opinion about it. 

The name of the product describes exactly what the product looks like.  It does look like mud and has a touch of a grainy consistency to it and is rather thick. The product goes on to the hair rather easily and can be worked into the hair and rubbed into the scalp without much of a hassle or a mess.   The product also has a strong peppermint scent to it.  The scent sort of reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub.  Don't let the smell deter you from using it, because the smell doesn't stay in your head after you rinse the product out.

Some of the ingredients include: Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint,

Initially, I wasn't quite sure how to apply the product.  There were not any instructions on the jar or in the box that the product was shipped in. That wasn't a big deal, I just went to the website and found out how to apply the product to receive maximum results. 

The Website Stated the Following:

To apply mask simply wet your hair. Make sure it is thoroughly wet. Use hands to apply mask from roots including scalp to tips. you can finger comb it through, use a wide tooth comb or denamen brush. I like to use my finger and simply finger comb it so it can get through every strand and then massage my scalp with it.

Then you can leave it on for 30mins to an hour or overnight if you like. You an also wrap your hair in plastic or use a steamer on hair if you would like a more deep treatment. Then simply wash out, style and go!

I followed the directions and got my hair soaking wet and then applied the product throughout my hair and used my fingers to detangle the hair.  I also rubbed the product onto my scalp to help get rid of any dirt and product build up.  I especially concentrated on the areas where I was having itchy scalp and along the front edges of my hair where I had applied a lot of gel and had tons of build up.  I started getting that tingling sensation which felt very soothing to my scalp, so that made me think the product was actually working.

Before Applying the Product
 The website states that "You do not need to wash nor condition after you apply the mask. It is really a one stop shop!" I was a bit leery with that statement, because I couldn't imagine a product getting my hair clean enough as a shampoo and moisturizing my hair like a conditioner.  I must say that after applying the product and letting it sit on my head with a plastic cap on for 30 mins and then rinsing it out, I was pleasantly surprised.  

Detox Mud Mask on my hair

Detox Mud Mask on my hair

Detox Mud Mask on my hair

My hair was extremely soft, it was detangled, it was super clean, and it was shiny. My edges where I had a lot of gel build up were completely clean and my scalp had no trace of having dryness.

After Product has been Rinsed Out

After Product has been Rinsed Out
I proceeded to style my hair in a wash'n'go and my results were awesome.  My curls were juicy and poppin'.  I ended up stretching my wash'n'go for 4 days which was a record for me.
1st day Wash'n'go Hair

3rd Day Wash'n'go Hair
 As I stated before, I have used this product on several occasions and I am very please with it.  I definitely plan on using this product on a monthly basis by adding it to my hair care regimen. I will still do my normal co-washes but I will add this in the mix. 

I want to Thank You Patricia, for reaching out to me so I can try your product. It is truly a hidden gem and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

To get your hands on this product click the link to be taken to My Hair Care Love's website.

Also, you can follow them on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/myhaircarelove

4th Day Wash'n'go Hair


  1. Niiiiice. Love how detailed you were with your review. Your curls really did appear to be popping. I checked the website and it does seem a little pricey for 8 oz. That's not out of the ordinary though. I notice mud masks in general are around that price point but I've used Zizyphus (get it from Mehandi.com) with the same or similar results. Zizyphus was used before there was shampoo! Go figure. I had never heard of it before a year ago but then again I wasn't into herbal or ayurvedic hair care before then either!

    Again, your hair looks beautiful :-)

    1. Thank you for checking out my review. Yeah it is a bit on the pricey side, but I think that is to be expected like you said with a mud mask. I will def try the the Zizyphus and see what I think about that. Thanks for the compliment about my hair. You know yours is always looking fab.