Monday, June 17, 2013

Simple and Easy Updo in Less than 10 mins

 Hello Lovelies,
I want to bring you another hairstyle tutorial that is very easy to do and should take you no time at all. It will also be ideal for those that are transitioning or naturals that are simply looking for a quick protective hairstyle.
A few months ago I won a contest that was being held on Instagram by @LuvYourMane ( and was sponsored by @PiecesofMojo (  You can click the links in order to see their Instagram page and to follow. My prize was a Pieces of Mojo hair bow.  I was able to go to their website, and select my bow of choice.  I chose the Kaleidoscope bow due to the beautiful color combination. 

Once I received my bow, I starting thinking of a cute way to style my hair in order for me to wear it.  So, after deliberating for a few I came up with this quick and easy hairstyle. I posted a pic on Instagram and I also had one of the pics for this hairstyle featured on Curly Nikki’s website under my “Tiffany Nichols is Naturally Glamorous” feature  (Click the link to read my interview and see more pics.)I received several requests for a tutorial for this look so I am bringing it to you today. I hope you like it.

What I used:
Hair Ties
Hair Pins
Bobbi Pins
EcoStyler Gel
Hair Brush
(1) Pack of Femi Yaky Braid Hair (Color 4)
Pieces of Mojo Hair Bow (accessory is optional)

How I Prepped My Hair
1.       On freshly co-washed hair, I applied my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In and some Coconut Oil to my hair.
2.       Used my EcoStyler Gel and applied it around the perimeter of my head/hair and brushed my hair up into a high ponytail and secured it with a hair tie.
3.       Made my high ponytail into a high bun by using another hair tie and hair pins.
4.       Used my “old toothbrush” to slick my hair up and to lay down any flyaways. 
5.        Tie a satin/silk scarf around your head to set your hair in place. (This is optional, I didn’t have to do this step)

Okay ladies, I told you what I used and explained how I prepped my hair for the style, please click the video below to see the actual step by step tutorial on achieving the look. I hope you like it and I hope it gives you some hairspiration.

Until Next,
Take Care and God Bless~

Tiffany N.