Monday, March 11, 2013

Do Naturals Go Too Far???

When I decided to return back to natural, I started becoming more aware of the ingredients I was putting in my hair.  I did a lot of research regarding some chemicals and ingredients found in hair products in order to find out the effects they can have on the hair.  Some chemicals are drying which could result in breakage to the hair and others may clog your pores which could lead to shedding. 

With so many man made chemicals and substitutes in products that provide cheap costs to the sellers, but can ultimately cause the buyer a higher costs when it comes to the health of their hair, many naturals are turning to their kitchens and local grocery stores and Whole Foods stores for hair care products. I know I purchase many essential oils from my local Whole Foods store. 

The above picture was floating around Instagram and if you are natural you couldn't help but laugh. I know I was almost in tears when I took a closer look at all of the items listed (broccoli, pudding, ranch, etc...). I know that this was meant to provide some comic relief, but do people really think naturals are this extreme with their hair?  We all know about the eggs, mayo, vinegar, evoo, coconut oil, etc..., but are some naturals really making up more concoctions and applying it to their hair?  The most extreme food or beverage item that I heard of people applying to their hair was beer.  It was typically applied after someone has flat ironed their hair and it supposedly helps to revert the curls back. I don't know if that is true because I have never tried it.  I am too scared my hair would smell. LOL

I do understand wanting to be as natural as possible when it comes to your hair especially if it keeps your hair healthy, but are people going to far with the "Home Hair Care Product" lines? I really want to know your opinion.  I also want to know what was the most extreme product you heard someone apply to their hair.  I am so curious to know.  Please leave your comments and input below.  Thanks

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