Friday, December 28, 2012

Curl Type?

What is your Curl Type? That question is often asked in the Natural Hair Community.  Inquiring minds often want to know what their favorite You Tube Vlogger, Blogger, or Instagram Hair Crushes curl type is.  That question is often hard to give a direct answer to as most naturals have several types of curl patterns in their head, some just don't know what their curl type is, and other just don't believe in the whole curl type system.  I truly understand wanting to know what their curl type is and even your own.  It helps you find someone with hair similar to yours which helps you gain styling tips (even though you can get inspiration and styling tips from naturals with all types of hair) and find the product or products that may work best for your hair (even though it's all trial and error and what may work for one may not work for the other).  It can still be helpful none the less.
For some of you that desire to figure out what your own curl type is here is a chart and links that I found that may help you. has a very informative tab on their website dedicated to Hair Types.  To check it out click on the link: . Mizani's website also has a Hair Typing System available on their website.  Click the link to check it out:

I hope these links and this chart may help you define what your Hair Type or Curl Type is.  For those of you interested in what my Curl Type or Hair Type is check out my latest YouTube Video below:

So what your your curl type? Leave comments below