Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Perfect Bantu Knot Out feat. Entwine Couture

Hey Everyone,
I was recently sent some products from Entwine Naturalle Couture to review.  I was super excited to finally get my hands on some of their products, because I have heard nothing but great things about them. I was sent the  {BEYOND EXPECTED} Audition Collezioini (pictured below) and I must say I was truly impressed by these products. 
Entwine Couture has put together this awesome set that allows you to try out sample sizes of their products at an awesome price.  I know I hate it when I buy a full jar of something only to find out my hair does not love it or like it. Well, this kit definitely won't disappoint and you won't feel like you have wasted your money. 

The Audition Collezione consist of the following:

0.5 oz of Indulgently Luxe Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator (This is used to add moisture to the hair)

0.5 oz of The Manuipulator Crème Jelle Styler (This is used to add a touch of hold and definition to your style)

0.5 oz of On the Edge Crème De La Mold (This is a pomade use to add more hold, especially to your edges)

1 oz of Act One Cleansing + Growth Lathering Hair Bathe (This is used to cleanse your hair without over drying)

1 oz of Act Two Hydrating + Growth Crème Hair Rinse (This is used to condition the hair and add moisture)

0.25 oz of "Total Perfection" Argan Oil (This is used to add shine, seal in moisture, and help prevent frizz._

Check out Entwine Naturalle Couture at for more information about their products.

You can also purchase the Audition Collezioini by going to

With these products I decided to create the "Perfect Bantu Knot Out".  The Bantu Knot Out is a perfect hairstyle for those of use who are fully natural as well as those that are transitioning.  It is a great way to help blend both textures (your natural hair texture and relaxed texture) together for a seamless look.  This style can be achieved on wet hair for a more shrunken and longer lasting look. But, I tend to see the best results when I do it on dry hair because it eliminates the style not coming out right due to some of my knots not being fully dry. 

Check out my pictures and my step by step YouTube tutorial below.

P.S. Bantu Knots are not the greatest to sleep on.  Make sure you leave a space in the back of your head when you are setting your hair, so you can sleep on your back.






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Take Care and God Bless!!

Tiffany Nichols

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