Sunday, November 17, 2013

Senegalese Twists (Protective Styling)

Hey everyone,

The cooler months are here, so now is an ideal time to incorporate more protective styling into your healthy hair regimen.  I think we all know the benefits of protective styling, but if not I will make a separate post about it.  For me it will cut my getting ready for work time and half and it will allow me to keep my ends protected to help retain length. 

There are tons of super cute and super easy protective hairstyles that are you can easily do yourself.  If you are looking for some inspiration you can go to YouTube or Search Instagram and even Pinterest to get motived.

After doing a little searching, I found this beauty rocking some Senegalese twists with a hint of purple and I was sold. I secretly stalked her IG page and found out what kind of hair she used and how many packs. LOL!!! Don't judge me.

I watched a few YouTube videos and decided to try the jumbo/medium sized Senegalese twists.  I wanted something that wouldn't take to long to install or take out and this seemed very ideal to me.

I purchased X-Pression Collection kanekalon hair from my local bss (beauty supply store).  I used (1) pack of the color Purple and (3) packs of the color 1B.  This hair is super long, so I did cut it in half and it was still hip length. 

I prepped my hair by doing a deep conditioning treatment the night before and then doing the rest of my hair regimen.  I cowashed with Mixed Chicks Conditioner and then applied the Mixed Chicks Leave In (I will do a separate review on that as well). I then applied Elasta QP Mango Butter Moisturizer and sealed that in with coconut and sweet almond oil mixture.  Lastly, I banded my hair into 8 ponytails and let my hair air dry overnight.

The next day, I took my bands/ponytails out and my hair was stretched out and dry.  I then applied a little bit of grapeseed oil (a natural heat protectant) and lightly blow dried my hair using the tension method and that gave me a blowout so I could easily twist my hair.

Pictured wearing "Queen Africa" earrings from
The twisting process was rather easy.  I used the same method that I used in my Havana Twists video and it took me about 3-4 hours to complete. First, I dipped the ends into boiling hot water to seal the hair, but the twists were coming unraveled.  I then tried to burn the ends and that made it really rough feeling and it was snagging onto other twists. I ended up applying rubber bands on the ends of the hair to hold the twists and then dipped it again into the boiling water and that did the trick. 

The hair I chose was rather fine so it can easily come unraveled that would be the only negative I have experienced with the hair.  If I try this style again, I will def chose a different brand and maybe texture of hair.

It has only been a couple of weeks since I installed them and I already want to move onto another style.  I think I have ADD when it comes to my hair because I get bored really quickly with different hairstyles that I do. 

I will try to go for another week with these twists before I move on to the next style, but I can't promise anything.  LOL!!!

I am dying to know how you are protective styling for the fall and winter months?  Leave a comment below.

Until Next Time,
Take Care and God Bless!

Tiffany Nichols


  1. Happy New Year! You did an awesome job. I have been thinking about getting these twists for the Summer? I am relaxed, but I stretch my retouches out a bit.

    1. Hi Shon... Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! These would be super cute for the summer time as they require very little maintenance and work with any hair type. Thanks for checking out my post.