Friday, September 13, 2013

Feature Friday - DeNaisha in the Spotlight!

Today on my blog, I have the oh… so…. gorgeous, DeNaisha, giving us insight on her fabulous mane of hair.  I can’t wait to find out what she calls her favorite hair products.

Let’s get into it.

Hey DeNaisha, thank you for taking time out to share with us today.  Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, my name is DeNaisha and I love all things natural hair, makeup and fashion! I am 24 and I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI!
Can you tell us how you went natural?  Did you go for it and do the big chop or did you transition?
I was a slow transitioner. I transitioned for a year and then cut the remaining of my relaxed ends. My hair was relaxed from the age of 14 to 21. Even with a relaxer I was able to retain length and grow my hair down my back. I then decided to cut my hair into a bob. I eventually wanted my hair back so I began gluing in weaves. This damaged my hair beyond repair so I decided to take on healthier hair practices going forward and that included no glue in weaves and no more relaxers. 
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I believe so many women have gone through this same exact thing.  I know you are glad that you decided to reevaluate your hair practices and decided to take a different approach. 

How did you feel after going back to natural?
I felt great after going natural! I had never seen my hair in its natural state. Even as a child my mother kept my hair pressed or braided so it was really exciting for me to see and learn my hair! I discovered the versatility our hair has and I could not stop experimenting with products and styles. Going natural is one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my life.
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Wonderful!!! How did your family and friends react to your decision?
My family and friends were very open and cooperative with my decision. My friends were very motivating and have even considered going natural at one point in their lives. Once they saw the progress and growth that I continue to have, it actually motivates them to take on healthier hair habits as well!
It is always great to be an inspiration and provide that motivation for others while they are on or while they embark their own natural hair journey. 

You mentioned that this was your first time really seeing your hair due to your hair being pressed and braided up when you were younger, so how would you describe your hair?My hair is very curly in most areas and coily in others. I have always had loose curls in the front and top of my hair and towards the back my curls are tighter. I have various curl patterns! I would say I am a mixture of type 3b and c and type 4a and b in other areas.
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What is your current hair routine?My hair routine is simple. I wash and deep condition once a week. I do protein treatments once or twice a month, and I do a hot oil treatment every two weeks. I also love to switch it up at times and wear sew-ins. I have a spray bottle with shampoo diluted with water and one with conditioner diluter with water as well and I spray my braids with that every two weeks.
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Sounds pretty simple and it sound like you really do have a good hair regimen. 

What are your favorite products that you use in your hair routine?My favorite shampoo is Joico Moisture Recovery. It is pH balanced and does not strip my hair. My favorite conditioner is Tressume Naturals moisture conditioner. I LOVE the Jane Carter line especially when my hair is in its naturally curly state. Shea Moisture products, Pantene’s new natural line LOVEEE ITTT, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and argan oils are all my favs!
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I haven’t heard of Joico Moisture Recovery before I will def look that up. 

So after you have had a long day and it is time to call it a night, how do you prepare your hair at night?
If I am wearing a wash and go like I normally do, I moisturize at night with water and oil and put my hair in 4 big twists and then apply a satin bonnet to prevent matting and tangling in the morning. If my hair is flat ironed, I make sure to moisturize and seal ends nightly and wrap hair every night while it’s straight. 
Thanks again for sharing your natural hair journey and regimen with us today.  Before you go, can you tell us what you think is the best thing about being natural? The best thing about being natural is embracing your hair and learning to love and care for it. You learn so much about your hair once you become natural. You learn to personalize things according to YOUR hair. Having the ability to switch things up is fun and exciting. I have seen a dramatic improvement in the health and growth of my hair! But most importantly…what is a bad hair day when you’re natural?? Get you some water a leave in conditioner and gel (if you prefer) pin that hair up and VOILA you’re good to go!
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Okay….you better tell  ‘em. LOL!!

It was such a pleasure having DeNaisha on my blog today.  To learn more about her you can check her out at the following locations:

Instagram: @Naerenee (
Facebook:  DeNaisha Renee G. (