Monday, September 16, 2013

1st Edition of Natural Hair: A Man's Perspective with KahRee

Hey Ladies….I wanted to switch it up a bit and let the men chime in for just a second *side eye* and let us know how they feel about our natural hair and the whole natural hair movement. 

I’ve reached out to a few well spoken and educated men to get inside their heads about natural hair in general and to find out what they prefer (relaxed or natural) etc. 

I can already tell you that this will be a very entertaining series and I hope it will give us women a little insight from “A Man’s Perspective”.

Mr. KahRee will have the honor of having my first interview. This young man is very talented and stays in shape (eye candy ladies)!! This busy brother took time out to share his thoughts, so we will get right into it. 

KahRee, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is KahRee and I am 25 years of age. I currently live in Philadelphia where I work as a model, artist, poet, and fitness trainer. I love creating art and networking with goal-oriented individuals who share the same ambition for life as myself.  I consider myself a pure people person because I receive the ultimate gratification when I know that I was able to help someone.

Okay….I see that you are a jack of many trades.  Can you describe to us what our ideal woman would be like?
My ideal woman is a female that possesses these specific qualities/characteristics. First and foremost is a high degree of independence. A woman who can think, decide, and act on her own without the assistance and approval of others is a wonderful trait in my eyes. Being independent means you're confident in yourself and in your abilities. Secondly, comes the intellectual capabilities. I don't need a brainiac, but I would definitely like to have those deep out of the ordinary type conversations with my woman. You know lets be able to "mind-penetrate" one another :-). Last but not least, I need for my ideal lady to be affectionate and supportive/encouraging. Life is hard and we all sometimes need that significant other to make us strong enough to battle back.

KahRee, have you ever dated a woman with natural hair?
No, I have yet to date a natural hair woman...

I am truly surprised by that….well do you have a preference.  Would you rather your woman’s hair be natural or relaxed?
I don't have a preference when it comes to a natural or relaxed style of hair, but if I had to choose one or the other, I would go for natural because it's the purer option. It’s the beauty that your Creator blessed you with. There are no fallacies or fraud with the natural look. I respect the lady who is comfortable enough with herself to broadcast and showcase her true self.

Good answer!! LOL….I am just kidding, but I do like your reasoning for your answer. 

Can you tell us how you would like for your lady to wear her hair?
She can rock her hair however she wants to. I have no specific way I like to see a woman's hair. I am more attracted to the female who can pull of an array of different hairstyles that give her various different looks. I like a woman to be sort of like a chameleon when it comes to hair. Always changing and experimenting.

I can definitely say that is the beauty of natural hair…..the versatility if nothing else is a positive. 

This is a hypothetical question.  How would you feel if your woman was relaxed and decided she wanted to go natural?  Would you be supportive or try to talk her out of it?
I would support her decision to go natural wholeheartedly. I say this because it's nothing like embracing your own beauty. It’s easy to wear a weave. It’s easier not to take the time/effort to treat your natural hair. It’s easy to go the route that most people take. To me Going natural is a step in the different direction. It may be more difficult but I know the natural process is more rewarding and self-satisfying. So I would never discourage her if she wanted to go natural.

Okay, so you are willing to be supportive of her decision to return back to natural.  Would you be as supportive if she wanted to do the Big Chop instead of transitioning?
I say go for the Big Chop as opposed to just letting the relaxed hair die off. The Big Chop shows me two things.
1) it shows that you have a great deal of self assurance. It proves that you are able to live freely without allowing the judgments of others to affect you. This comfort with one's self is truly sexy to me.
2) The Big Chop shows that you are capable of making a difficult decision and living/sticking with it. If a female chooses to let the relaxed hair die out, she may be more prone to neglect the natural route because of the time she has to change her mind.

Well, do you think that women stress over their hair too much?
No, I don’t feel women stress too much over their hair. A woman's hair is a vital part of her being appearance wise. And I applaud she who takes the time, thought, & effort into making it look the best it can possibly be. Your hair is often an extension of you. So the woman who may seem like she's stressing over her hair is just actually showing how much she cares for her own personal appearance.

Speaking of personal appearance, do you think weaves and wigs should be ditched?  Should women just simply wear their real hair?
Nahh, I don’t think they should be ditched. Everyone should have a right to wear what they desire to wear. No matter if it’s real or artificial. But in the end, we all know that the truth is better than a lie any day :-)
LOL….the truth shall set you free.  LOL.  I know I am not ashamed to wear a weave or wig, because I know I have my own hair and plus those protective styles are a way to give us a break from day to day styling of our own hair.  Like with most things, it feel it is good in moderation.

Can you give me your take on the whole Natural Hair Movement?
I digs the movement. I honestly wish more females would go Natural. I don't feel that the movement is going too far because I feel that not enough women are actually seeing the benefits of going natural. Not just the hair health benefits, but also the wonders that begin to happen to a lady's ego when she is on her natural grind. Psychologically I think it helps females because they grow more in tune and confident with themselves and with all the toxic that is fed to females in terms of how they should look. I feel that the Natural Movement could help a lot of women battle these cosmetic demons created by society.

I definitely agree with that. 

KahRee…..Thank you very much for taking time out to let us in and share your thoughts about women and our natural hair.  It is much appreciated.  Before you leave, are there any final thoughts you want to leave the ladies?
Hhhmmm lol...... Yes hair is very important when it comes to appearance. But your hair isn't even the most precious thing on your head. In my opinion, your brain and your eyes will always be the sexiest thing on a female. Her brain will reveal how she thinks which in turn will indicate how she will act and because the eyes are the window to the soul. If I can stare into your eyes when you talk to me and I can see and feel that you mean whatever it is that you're stating, then to hell with your hair. I’m going to fall in love with the person who lives on the inside of you and not the outside.

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This is just the beginning and more interviews along with a YouTube video will follow.  Let me know if you found this interesting by leaving a comment below.

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