Friday, July 26, 2013

Feature Friday - Michelle in the Spotlight

I am so happy to have Michelle in the spotlight today.  She is a fellow Blogger and Vlogger who has a huge passion for natural hair.  I have often called Michelle the “Havana Twist Queen” because she does some of the best twists I have seen thus far.  Make sure you check out her tutorial that I have posted below, after you check out the interview.

Michelle, I am so glad that you took some time out to share with my readers your natural hair journey and regimen.  For those that aren’t familiar with who you are please introduce yourself.
My name is Michelle B. I am from Chicago, IL. I am 26 years old J I love anything purple, and I LOVE natural hair!!!!!

Purple is my favorite color too and you already know I love natural hair as well. LOL!! So, let’s jump into it your natural hair journey. When you decided to go natural did you do the big chop or did you transition?
I was a slow transitioner. A whopping 24 months (long time I know LOL). I transitioned from July 2009 until August 2011. I didn’t want to bc (big chop) because I never had really short hair. I felt more comfortable growing my hair out slowly. J

You must be a very patient person to transition for 24 months.  Girl…I barely lasted 9 months. LOL!!! So, once you were completely natural how did you feel?
I felt great! I feel great LOL! Natural hair is so beautiful, so versatile! I feel like I have accomplished something, I feel healthier, my hair is healthier!

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural?
My family and friends were very supportive. I have actually gotten some of my family members to go natural, after seeing my hair they want to embark on the journey for themselves. Everyone does not have a supportive family when going natural, so I was grateful for them. They are truly amazing!

That is true. A lot of women do not have supportive family member or friends, which can make it harder for them on their journey.  I am glad that you did.  I am also glad that there are many forums, blogs, websites, and YouTube channels that can help or provide support for those women without it.

Michelle you definitely have a beautiful head of hair.  I know many women have a #haircursh on you. How would you describe your hair?
Whoo… Mechelle(my hair) LOL. My hair is thick! Wavy, not so much tightly curled. The right side and the left side are different!  I don’t do wash and go’s because the one side of my hair curls better than the other! My shrinkage is crazy! But I don’t mind it at all.

I like how you named your hair.  I think a lot of naturals have. LOL! 

Can you please share with us your current hair routine along with some of your favorite product?
My current routine varies on how I’m feeling and how I plan on wearing my hair. Most of the time wear my hair in a braid or twist out on the weekends. Then it’s in a bun for the rest of the time until I wash my hair again! To wash I use Cream of Nature with Argan Oil Shampoo, its sulfate free.

I use a wide range of conditioners omg… I use Tresemme Naturals, As I Am Coconut Cowash, and Design Essentials Naturals.

 I also use a wide range of leave ins LOL, I love LOVE Design Essentials Natural Daily leave in, Beautiful Textures leave in and Giovanni Direct leave in.

For stylers my FAVORITE product is from Qhemet, Aethiopika Hydrate and Twist butter, (this is my STAPLE!!!) I also like Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter. I’m always trying different products J

I have checked out some of your product reviews online and they have definitely introduced me to new products and kept me away from some. LOL, Please keep on trying different products and sharing your opinion. It is definitely appreciated. 

I do have a couple more questions for you. 

When you are getting ready for bed, what is your night time hair routine?
I usually pineapple my hair at night if I’m rocking a twist out or I will oil my hair and braid it up and sleep in a satin bonnet.

Before I let you go, please tell us one thing that you like most about being natural.
The best thing about being natural is the versatility!! I mean natural hair is so beautiful!!! You can do ANYTHING!!! Straight, curly, wavy, braids however it’s just beautiful!!!!!

For more information on Michelle, aka “Miss Naturalist 86”, you can click the links below: